Study courses

You would like to do ‘something with the media’? You are interested in a BA or MA program in communication and media studies? Then you should consider the programs of study at the Institute for historical journalism, communication and media studies (IPKM). A special focus of the BA and MA programs lies in considering ‘the media’ and ‘communication’ not as isolated phenomena but in grasping them within their specific cultural contexts. IPKM’s programs of study are:

  • BA Communication and Media Studies: The BA Communication and Media Studies: Media Analysis and Media Practice offers a comprehensive basic education addressing theories and methods of communication and media studies combined with a qualification in media practice. In addition to the study of fundamental concepts and methods for the analysis of mediatized communication, you will deal with various perspectives on media communication from the fields of social and cultural studies, information technology as well as economics. Depending on your personal interests and career aspirations, the double profile of the BA Communication and Media Studies allows for setting your priorities either on an academic/theoretical or a practical professionalization. Please find further information here.
  • MA Media Culture: The MA Media Culture is a master’s program in the field of communication and media studies with a focus on the cultural aspects and contexts of media communication. How are contemporary cultures shaped by the media? What characterizes mediatized transcultural communication? How did today’s media cultures come into being historically? What does this have to do with the current changes in journalism and everyday as well as popular culture? In which ways are processes of globalization, individualization or migration connected to the media? If you are interested in questions like these, the MA Media Culture could be the right master’s program for you. Please find further information here.
  • MA Digital Media and Society: Digitalization is changing the world around us. Datafication – the growing num-ber of data that can be aggregated and processed in automated ways – in-creasingly becomes characteristic for our societies. As part of these processes, the role of media and communication devices and what we mean by media and communication studies is changing as well. The M.A. Digital Media and Society is situated at the leading edge of these developments. Its aim is to qualify stu-dents for media planning and decision-making positions in a datafied society. Further information can be found on the pages of the MA Digital Media and Society.