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M.A. Anne Mollen
Department 9: Cultural Studie
Communication and Media Studies with a focus on Media Culture and Communication Theory
Linzer Str. 4
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Member in the ZeMKI Lab: "Media Culture and Globalisation"

Since March 2011, Anne Mollen has been a research associate at the University of Bremen. From March 2011 until December 2015 she first worked in the DFG Project “The Transnationalization of Public Spheres in Europe: Citizens' (re)actions”, a project realized within the Collaborative Research Centre 597 “Transformations of the State”. After that – from May 2015 until November 2015 – she was involved in the international research project “The challenges of privacy, security and surveillance in the new emerging communications landscape”. The German team analyses the politicization of media technologies regarding surveillance and data protection within that network. At the same time Anne Mollen is working on her PhD, in which she analyses social web forums as civic and political communicative spaces. Her work is dealing with citizens’ communicative interactions within the comment sections of political blogs, online news media and social networking sites. Within this she focuses both on citizens’ commenting practices as well as on the technical structures and interfaces of online comment forums. The project is supervised by Prof. Dr. Andreas Hepp. Since November 2015 Anne Mollen is staying as a visiting research at the Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies at the University of Warwick.

Until 2009 Anne Mollen studied Communication and Political Science at the University of Münster. In 2010 she completed a Master of International Communications at the University of Leeds, UK. The topic of her master thesis was “Cultural heterogeneity and the nation-state: media influence on identity construction of Turkish migrants in Germany”. During her studies, Anne Mollen worked as a student assistant and gained experience through internships in PR, journalism and in German-French cultural institutions.

Research interests

Digital media technologies, social media practices and participation, interface analysis, politicization of media technologies, political online communication, European public spheres, transnational and transcultural communication

Project “The Transnationalization of Public Spheres in Europe: Citizens' (re)actions” of the Collaborative Research Center 597 “Transformations of the State”

Project “The challenges of privacy, security and surveillance in the new emerging communications landscape”

  • ICA
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