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Dr. Matthias Berg
Department 9: Cultural Studies
Communication and Media Studies with a focus on Media Culture and Communication Theory
+49 (0)421 218 67626
Linzer Str. 4
Office hours

by appointment


Member in the ZeMKI Lab: "Media Culture and Globalisation"

Since October 2010 Matthias Berg is research associate in the project „Mediatized Everyday Worlds and Translocal Vergemeinschaftung“ (DFG Piority Program 1505: Mediatized Worlds). From Mai 2008 until September 2010 he held a doctoral scholarship of the German National Academic Foundation.
Before that, Matthias Berg graduated from the University of Bremen with cultural studies as a major and musicology as well as economy as minors. With an emphasis on media and communication studies, he wrote his master’s thesis on „Podcasting in the Music Industry“.
His main research interests are communication and mobility, media appropriation, digital media and popular culture. Matthias Berg’s dissertation project deals with „Communicative Mobility Against the Background of Mediatized Everyday Life “.

Research interests

Current Projects: DFG project "Mediatized Everyday Worlds of Translocal Communitization: The Communicative Networking and Mediated Communitization of Elderly Persons in Comparison with other Media Generations" (Priority programme 1505 "Mediatized Worlds")


  • German Communication Association (DGPuK)
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