Lab "Film, Media Art and Popular Culture"

Head: Prof. Dr. Winfried Pauleit

Members: Klaas Dierks, Tobias Dietrich, Florian FlömerDr. Rasmus Greiner, Dr. Bettina Henzler, Dr. Stefano Odorico, Dr. Aidan Power, Dr. Alexander Press, Christine Rüffert, Jula Schürmann, Prof. Dr. Rainer Stollmann

The Lab "Film, Media Art and Popular Culture" is concerned with visual and audio-visual media, their aesthetics and history as well as with their transformation in the context of digitalisation and globalisation. A particular research focus lies on the specific forms and dispositives of film, media art and popular culture, their production, distribution, broadcasting, exhibition, mediation and appropriation together with their preservation and collection in archives. Thereby not only media production and media artworks are anaylized, but also their aesthetic experience through collective and individual use plus the discourses and cultural interactions that accompany them.

Current third-party funded projects:

Exploration project "Audio History"

Web-based Documentary Film

Film Aesthetics and Childhood

Film as Research Method (22nd International Bremer Film Conference)

Living Technologies in Science Fiction Cinema (20th International Bremer Film Conference)