ZeMKI-Research Seminar

The focus of the ZeMKI research seminar on media culture is a critical discussion of media and communicative change in relation to further processes of socio-cultural change. In order to stimulate research in this area, the research seminar regularly invites national and international experts in this field as well as research undertaken at the University of Bremen is discussed.
The research seminar takes place every second week on Wednesdays, from 12 to 14 o'clock in room 60070 at ZeMKI in Linzer Str. 4. If you are interested in, you are welcome to participate.

Current programme winter semester 2018/19
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24. October 2018

Prof. Dr. Beata Ociepka (University of Wroclaw, Poland)

Public Diplomacy as Political Communication

7. November 2018


Prof. Dr. Göran Bolin (Södertörn University, Sweden)

Value and Datafication: Cultural Production and Consumption in a Digital Media Landscape

14. November 2018

Prof. Dr. Payal Arora (Erasmus University Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

Benign dataveillance — the new kind of democracy? Examining the emerging datafied governance systems in India and China

21. November 2018

Prof. Dr. Tom Van Hout (University of Antwerp, Belgium)

Infotaining the imagined audience. How journalists recontextualize political miscommunication

28. November 2018

Prof. Dr. Laura Forlano (Illinois Institute of Technology, USA)

The Multiple More-Than-Human Futures of Living with Media and Technology

19. December 2018

Prof. Dr. Raoni Rajão (Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Brasil)

Counting on Data: The making and unmaking of transparent beef supply chains in the Amazon

23. January 2019

7-9pm, House of Science

Prof. Dr. Yannis Theocharis (ZeMKI, University of Bremen)

Inaugural Lecture