ZeMKI Research Seminar on November 1, 2017

On Wednesday, November 1, 2017, Prof. Dr. Steffen Mau (Humboldt University Berlin) will give a talk on "Das metrische Wir" (in German language)more »

ZeMKI Research Seminar on October 25, 2017

On Wednesday, October 25, 2017, ZeMKI Visiting Research Fellow Matti Pohjonen (Africa's Voices Foundation) will give a talk on "Hate speech, fake news or no news: methodological reflections" n the ZeMKI Research Seminarmore »

ZeMKI book presentations at Harvard Law School, Columbia University and NYU

ZeMKI-member Prof. Dr. Andreas Hepp discusses his new book "The Mediated Construction of Reality" together with co-author Prof. Dr. Nick Couldry at three US universitiesmore »

"Mediatization in a global perspective"

ZeMKI members present at the international conference "Mediatization in a global perspective: Comparing theoretical approaches in a digitised world" of the ECREA Section "Mediatization" in Lisbon more »

CfP: Cinema Crossing Borders

23rd International Bremen Film Conference, deadline: October 1st, 2017more »

ZeMKI launches programme for visiting research fellows

Five internationally renowned scholars will visit the University of Bremen in the fall 2017: They share a research focus on current phenomena of the digital society.more »

"‘Makers’ of a future journalism?"

ZeMKI member Prof. Dr. Andreas Hepp presents at the "Future of Journalism" conference in Cardiff, UKmore »