Aktuelles Programm Sommersemester 2016




21. April 2016

Dr. Bernie Hogan (Oxford Internet Institute, Großbritannien)

The evolution of personal network capture: From recall to trace data and back again

19. Mai  2016

Prof. Dr. Jean-Christophe Plantin (London School of Economics and Political Sciences, Großbritannien)

First as an infrastructure, then as a platform: how digital maps illustrate the politics of knowledge in the age of big data

26. Mai 2016

Prof. Dr. Lucrecia Escudero Chauvel (Université de Lille)

Umberto Eco, Cultural Studies, Ideology and Texts

2. Juni 2016

Prof. Dr. Stefania Milan (University of Amsterdam, Niederlande)

Datafication and Civic Participation: The Emerging Epistemic Culture of Data Activism

16. Juni 2016

Prof. Dr. Martin Hand (Queen's University, Kanada)

Digital Traces and Personal Analytics: contexts and practices of engagement with temporal data about the self

30. Juni 2016

Prof. Dr. Daniel Anthony McFarland (Stanford University, USA)

Sociology in the Era of Big Data: The Ascent of Forensic Social Science